Representational/Figurative” Portrait Workshop - February 25


This workshop will assist you in preparing the portrait pieces and background. Let your creativity run wild. Go through your fabric stash and find pieces that represent you, your hobbies, your favorite color, your pet, your vocation, etc.  Guild member, Tammi  has graciously volunteered to host a “how to” workshop for us on Saturday, February 25th at Friendship Church. Doors will open at 9:30 with workshop starting at 10 and going until 3pm.

Remember there will be a $5 charge, for the workshop, that goes to the church. Please bring your lunch or feel free to go grab something. There will be some examples and a material list at the January and February guild meetings. Come join us for a fun a time of learning and laughter.

Sign up with Tammi at the January guild meeting.

Bulls Eye & French Rose Quilt Workshop – March 25

Interested in learning how to make a Bulls Eye or French Rose Quilt? These two quilts are very versatile and easy to sew. You can use your scraps, a layer cake or even yardage. The process of sewing these two quilts is very similar. Once you learn the concept of one, you can easily make the other one. In this workshop, you will learn the concepts of both blocks and will be able to complete at least four blocks of either type.

The workshop is scheduled for Saturday, March 25; from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm at Friendship Methodist Church, 293 Friendship Road, in Sherman. Please arrive by 9:45 to set up. The cost is $5 donation to church

Bulls Eye Supplies:

  • A variety of 10” 8”, 6” and 4” squares. The 10” squares are your background. You will cut circles from the 8, 6, and 4” squares. High contrast fabrics will work the best. You can choose to alternate the background squares with light and dark fabrics, or use one constant fabric for the background.

  • A pair of paper scissors

  • A pair of fabric scissors or rotary cutter

  • This is the perfect opportunity to use up bobbins with various color of thread; and to use those almost empty spools of thread, of various colors. This is only a suggestion. You can use your go-to thread color, if preferred.

  • Sewing machine and usual sewing supplies. Machine foot for either strait stitch or blanket stitch.

A circle template is not necessary; however, if you have one, feel free to bring it to the workshop.



French Rose Supplies:

  • A variety of squares measuring between 11” to 4” along with 2.5 x 3” rectangle  for the background and rose shapes and 2.5” squares for the leaves. It is recommended to use a constant fabric for your background. Use your favorite fabric line or scraps for the rose shapes. Select a green fabric for your leaves.

  • A pair of paper scissors

  • A pair of fabric scissors or rotary cutter

  • Marking pen or pencil for tracing the pattern

  • Sewing machine and usual sewing supplies. Machine foot for either strait stitch or blanket stitch.


Below are the size squares that Jerri and Cynthia used for their respective quilt. .


Jerri Potter


Cynthia Perez

10 inches

Background Square

11 inches

8 inches

Square for Large rose shape

9 inches

6.5 inches

Square for Medium rose shape

8 inches

4.5 inches

Square for Small rose shape

6 inches

2.5 x 3 inch rectangle

Square (or rectangle) Center rose shape

4 inches

2.5 inches

Square for Leaf shape

3 inches




10 inches

Block size

Trim to 10.5 inches

Jerri and Cynthia will have templates for their respective rose and leaf shapes.


The church provides tables, chairs, irons, and ironing boards. Bring your lunch a refrigerator, and microwave are available. Cost: $5 donation to the church. A minimum of 10 participants needed for the workshop to be held.  Sign up with Nancy Miller at the upcoming guild meeting.


Examples of both quilts will be shown at the March and April guild meetings.

Sign up with Nancy at the January or February guild meeting.


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